Saarbrücken vs Viktoria Köln Summary

3. Liga

27/05/23 - 11:30
2 - 1 (2 - 1)
Full Time
1' Goal! Marcel Gaus 1-0
Goal! David Philipp  1-1 20'
23' Goal! Kasim Rabihic 2-1
Yellow Card Luca Marseiler Yellow Card 24'
Robin Meißner (Luca Marseiler) 29'
30' Yellow Card Yellow Card Richard Neudecker
46' Julian Günther-Schmidt (Luca Kerber)
Yellow Card David Philipp  Yellow Card 55'
Marcel Risse (André Becker) 61'
Seok-ju Hong (David Philipp ) 61'
72' Mike Frantz (Richard Neudecker)
Kevin Lankford (Patrick Sontheimer) 75'
Simon Stehle (Simon Handle) 75'
77' Lukas Boeder (Boné Uaferro)
Yellow Card Michael Schultz Yellow Card 84'
86' Julius Biada  (Kasim Rabihic)
86' Adriano Grimaldi (Marvin Cuni)
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card Marcel Gaus

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