Barcelona U19 vs Antwerp U19 - 19/09/23

UEFA Youth League

2 - 1 (2 - 0)
Full Time
22' Goal! Alexis Olmedo 1-0
29' Goal! Dani Rodriguez 2-0
35' Yellow Card Yellow Card Pau Prim
Lukas Aertbeliën (Semm Renders) 46'
Zakaria Gueddar (Robbe Doms) 46'
Yellow Card Andreas Verstraeten Yellow Card 59'
Beau De Wit (Ignace Abdelhamid) 63'
Yellow Card Kyano Delaporte Yellow Card 66'
66' Guillermo Fernández Casino (Noah Darvich)
67' Yellow Card Yellow Card Álvaro Cortés Moyano
Goal! Jeff Godelaine 2-1 73'
77' Juan Hernández (Cristo Muñoz)
Gerard Vandeplas (Jeff Godelaine) 77'
77' Daniel Ávila Marmol (Pau Prim)
Mats Van Helden (Lukas Aertbeliën) 85'
87' Xavi Espart Font (Álvaro Cortés Moyano)
88' Arnau Pradas Algaba (Nil Calderó Soteres)
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card Daniel Ávila Marmol
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card D. Avila

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