Leoben vs Union Vöcklamarkt Summary

Regionalliga: Mitte

26/05/23 - 17:00
2 - 1 (1 - 1)
Full Time
5' Goal! M. Lema 1-0
Goal! S. Würtinger 1-1 22'
Yellow Card Marco Meilinger Yellow Card 29'
Yellow Card M. Brandmayr Yellow Card 34'
Yellow Card C. Fürstaller Yellow Card 43'
M. Gaugger (M. Brandmayr) 46'
59' G. Grubišić (T. Maier)
69' L. Reisinger (J. Eskinja)
Yellow Card W. Schober Yellow Card 72'
76' L. Pichler (M. Lema)
76' L. Prokop (D. Halili)
76' L. Pisačić (P. Hütter)
D. Schönegger (L. Preiner) 84'
Yellow Card F. Knez Yellow Card 87'
R. Nagy (Marco Meilinger) 88'
90' Goal! L. Pisačić 2-1
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card M. Lema

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