United States U20 W vs Panama U20 W Summary

Concacaf Championship Women U20

26/05/23 - 22:00
6 - 0 (3 - 0)
Full Time
1' Goal! Jordynn Araya Dudley 1-0
Yellow Card A. Garay Yellow Card 34'
41' Penalty! Allyson Sentnor 2-0
45' Goal! Katherine Ann Rader 3-0
Daniela Hincapié Moses (Josselyn Montenegro) 46'
49' Penalty! Allyson Sentnor 4-0
62' O. Gamero (Jordynn Araya Dudley)
62' L. Martinho (Jasmine Annemarie Aikey)
63' Tessa Elise Dellarose (Elise Aminta Evans)
Reggina Sofia Espino Lam (Sherline Marie King Perea) 63'
Amanda Goldstein (D. Pon) 63'
64' Goal! L. Martinho 5-0
71' Penalty! Ally Olivia Lemos 6-0
71' Maggie Jones Cagle (Allyson Sentnor)
Aida Name (D. Salazar) 72'
Mireilis Rojas (Marissa Ann Gross) 72'
73' Leah Michelle Klenke (G. Thompson)

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