Jitex W vs IFK Sundsvall W Summary

Elitettan Women

27/05/23 - 12:00
3 - 0 (2 - 0)
Full Time
25' Goal! A. Ebbesson 1-0
28' Yellow Card Yellow Card F. Linderoth
Yellow Card J. Grönlund Yellow Card 30'
38' M. Nilsson (S. Raa)
41' Yellow Card Yellow Card E. Paljevic
43' Goal! A. Ebbesson 2-0
N. Fernström (E. Orji) 46'
56' Goal! E. Paljevic 3-0
58' Yellow Card Yellow Card E. Reidy
62' B. Hultbäck Nattland (F. Linderoth)
T. Wärulf (H. Melarti) 65'
I. Burman (E. Montes) 74'
79' Thea Elise Höglund (E. Palklint)
79' H. Comnell (A. Ebbesson)
79' M. Liwendahl (L. Strömberg)
87' Yellow Card Yellow Card H. Comnell
Yellow Card A. Hagelberg Yellow Card 90'

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