Gyeongju HNP vs Gimhae City Summary

National League

27/05/23 - 06:00
2 - 4 (1 - 1)
Full Time
Goal! Jang Han-Young 0-1 8'
Yellow Card Jun-Seok Son Yellow Card 15'
35' Kim Jae-Min (Cheol-Woong Jeong)
45' Own Goal! Oh Chang-Kwon 1-1
45' Yellow Card Yellow Card Yoon Byung-Kwon
46' Yu Ji-Min (H. Komatsu)
46' Seong Bong-Jae (Kim Jung-Joo)
46' Seo Gyeong-Ju (Shim Jae-Min)
Goal! Jung Sang-Gyu 1-2 47'
Yellow Card Yun Byoung-Woo Yellow Card 52'
52' Yellow Card Yellow Card Joo Han-Sung
53' Yellow Card Yellow Card Kim Jae-Min
Goal! Jang Han-Young 1-3 65'
Bae Jin-Woo (Jun-Seok Son) 69'
Lee Min-Woo (Yun Byoung-Woo) 69'
Lee Yu-Chan (Jung Sang-Gyu) 70'
Yellow Card Bae Jin-Woo Yellow Card 71'
Goal! Kang Yeong-jong 1-4 78'
80' Goal! Seo Gyeong-Ju 2-4
Ji-Kang Ma (Tae-Hyeon Kim) 81'
81' Su-Seong Kim (Kim Han-Seong)
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card Yeong-Uk Kim

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