Estudiantes Mérida vs Palestino Summary

Copa Sudamericana

26/05/23 - 00:00
1 - 5 (1 - 2)
Full Time
21' Yellow Card Yellow Card E. Penilla
Penalty! Bryan Carrasco 0-1 24'
Goal! Bruno Barticciotto 0-2 26'
33' Goal! L. Arenas 1-2
45' Yellow CardYellow Card Yellow/Red Card E. Penilla
46' J. Marquez (N. Canelón)
Yellow Card Bruno Barticciotto Yellow Card 51'
Jonathan Benítez (Nicolás Meza) 62'
64' Jesús Gómez (J. Paredes)
64' A. Rodríguez (C. Flores)
65' Yellow Card Yellow Card L. Arenas
Goal! Bryan Carrasco 1-3 69'
Goal! Agustín Farías 1-4 73'
81' Yellow Card Yellow Card Jesús Gómez
81' Yellow Card Yellow Card Jesús Gómez
Own Goal! Alexis Doldán 1-5 82'
M. León (Fernando Cornejo) 85'
Alan Riquelme (Brayan Véjar) 85'
Martín Araya (Bryan Carrasco) 90'

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