Spartak Subotica vs Radnik Surdulica Summary

Super Liga

27/05/23 - 15:00
2 - 2 (2 - 0)
Full Time
VAR Goal Disallowed 15'
17' Goal! Andrej Todoroski 1-0
Yellow Card Mihailo Orescanin Yellow Card 21'
Yellow Card D. Dražić Yellow Card 37'
38' Penalty! Srdjan Hrstic 2-0
Milan Makaric (Petar Kunic) 46'
Dusan Hodzic (T. Bondarenko) 46'
Vuk Mitosevic  (Edin Rustemovic) 46'
Goal! Mihailo Orescanin 2-1 49'
Goal! Borko Duronjic 2-2 52'
56' Morice Michael Abraham (A. Đurasović)
Yellow Card Vuk Mitosevic  Yellow Card 60'
62' Yellow Card Yellow Card E. Addo
Nemanja Subotic (D. Dražić) 62'
69' J. Marinković (Andrej Todoroski)
79' Kwaku Osei (Nikola Sreckovic)
Yellow Card Davor Nedeljkovic Yellow Card 87'
90' Yellow Card Red Card Vladimir Vitorovic

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