Almere City vs FC Eindhoven Summary

Eredivisie Playoffs

26/05/23 - 18:00
3 - 1 (0 - 0)
After Extra Time
14' Yellow Card Yellow Card J. Ritmeester van de Kamp
50' Yellow Card Yellow Card Pascu
56' Anthony Limbombe (J. Ritmeester van de Kamp)
Lamine Diaby-Fadiga (Naoufal Bannis) 61'
Evan Rottier (Sven van Doorm) 61'
Yellow Card Dyon Dorenbosch Yellow Card 65'
72' Danny Post (Álvaro Peña)
72' Ilias Alhaft (Stije Resink)
Koen Oostenbrink (Dyon Dorenbosch) 73'
80' Goal! J. Hilterman 1-0
83' Yellow Card Yellow Card T. Barbet
Penalty! Mawouna Amevor 1-1 84'
85' Andreas Hagen (Pascu)
85' Thomas Poll (Jorrit Smeets)
Ozan Kökcü (C. Brym) 90'
90' Goal! Anthony Limbombe 2-1
94' M. Esajas (J. Hilterman)
109' Goal! Andreas Hagen 3-1
Jasper Dahlhaus (Rodrigo Rêgo) 112'
Y. Mokhtar (Brian De Keersmaecker) 112'
Yellow Card Ozan Kökcü Yellow Card 119'

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