Zlaté Moravce vs Tatran Prešov Summary

Fortuna Liga Play-offs

26/05/23 - 18:30
3 - 0 (1 - 0)
Full Time
Yellow Card L. Horváth Yellow Card 20'
25' Goal! Karol Mondek 1-0
Yellow Card M. Petko Yellow Card 35'
Missed Penalty! J. Dolný (J. Dolný) 42'
62' Patrik Pinte (Adam Brenkus)
67' Yellow Card Yellow Card Alden Suvalija
69' Goal! K. Ikugar 2-0
D. Andrič (K. Karaš) 71'
72' Denis Duga (Alden Suvalija)
L. Jendrek (M. Petko) 79'
Yellow Card L. Šimko Yellow Card 89'
90' Goal! Karol Mondek 3-0
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card Patrik Lukac
90' Tomas Dubek (Karol Mondek)
90' Yellow Card Yellow Card Timotej Mudry
A. Olejár (M. Milunović) 90'
Yellow/Red Card L. Šimko Yellow CardYellow Card 90'

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