Pineto vs Rimini - 19/09/23

Italy Serie C: Girone B

1 - 0 (0 - 0)
Full Time
31' Yellow Card Yellow Card Amine Chakir
34' Yellow Card Yellow Card Nicolas Di Filippo
41' Yellow Card Yellow Card Andrea Marafini
Yellow Card Claudio Morra Yellow Card 41'
Yellow/Red Card Francesco Semeraro Yellow CardYellow Card 44'
Davide Acampa (Samuele Rosini) 46'
Nicola Pietrangeli (Matteo Gorelli) 46'
58' Amine Chakir (Diego Gambale)
58' Gianluca Germinario (Luca Schirone)
61' Stefano Amadio (Alessandro Pellegrino)
61' Pasquale Iaccarino (Marco Teraschi)
Yellow Card Linas Megelaitis Yellow Card 63'
Evan Bouabre (Claudio Morra) 65'
Alessandro Lombardi (Gabriele Capanni) 65'
76' Moussadja Njambe (Riccardo Della Quercia)
Yellow Card Nicola Pietrangeli Yellow Card 76'
Leonardo Ubaldi (Davide Lamesta) 78'
88' Goal! Emilio Volpicelli 1-0
Yellow Card Francesco Semeraro Yellow Card 90'

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